Friday, January 12, 2018

My Current Quiet Time Routine

As soon as I get up (usually, let's be honest here):

  1. Go to Bible Gateway and get the latest verse of the day. Write it down, add my prayerful response to this verse. (This takes roughly seven to ten minutes. If I'm pressed for time, have to hustle to work, I save the next steps for when I'm on the bus...)
  2. Ask God for wisdom, and read the day 's section in whatever Bible reading plan I'm going through. As I read, the Holy Spirit will prompt me to pay special attention and linger over various passages. These I write down. 
  3. When I finish the day's section, I will sometimes get prompted to look up a specific topic in my Thompson Chain bible, and read the related verses.
  4. I reread and pray back to God the verses He gave me that day, then I spend some time praying for the day, problems, needs of family and friends.
This process takes roughly 45 minutes to an hour. As I said, sometimes I'm doing the second part of this plan while on the bus, or I'm praying while walking to and from the bus.

This is one reason I like taking the bus, it's pretty much guaranteed alone time. If I'm praying under my breath, no one seems to take notice of another weirdo chattering to themselves on the bus, which there are usually one or two on every bus in my area anyway.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Quick and Dirty DIY Bible Tabs

This was something I did with my big purple Adventure Kid's Bible, it seemed like the kind of thing that needed colorful tabs.

I think I was probably watching True Detective or something while I did this, I remember the TV being on. Just using regular graph paper I laid out a grid of colored squares with abbreviations of bible book titles on them. I had checked and knew they would be the right size to fit from the edge of the page to the edge of the cover.  Some bibles give you a lot of cover, some don't.

I then cut these into strips, then snipped each tab off individually as I was ready to use it.

On the far left here you can see how these were attached, simply with transparent tape. I made these to be specifically the width of scotch tape, which is exactly three quarters of an inch. Basically you adhere your tape to the bottom side of the page first, then, with a flap of tape sticky side up sticking out, you lay your tab on top, butting it right up to the edge of the page. You then fold the tape flap over, adhering it to the top of the tab and the page, rubbing any air bubbles out carefully.

You start out with Revelation or the Concordance/Index, whichever's at the end of your bible. In this way, you will then be able to tell where to place your next tab for the book of Jude, directly to the left of the one before it. You then proceed in like fashion until your bible is finished.

Took awhile, but it was worth it!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Feminist Fight Club

Was deeply disappointed recently with comedian Laurie Kilmartin. It seems she thinks a great way to register disagreement with other women on the interwebs is to insist that they need to "stick a dick in their vagina".

I had such high hopes for you, funny lady! Not only a pretty good comic, but I felt solidarity with you over the recent loss of your dad and such. I don't know if you consider yourself a feminist, but I feel you have now disqualified yourself here.

  1. First rule of Feminist Fight Club: No one needs to stick a dick in their vagina!
  2. Second rule of Feminist Fight Club: No one needs to stick a dick in their vagina!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

And the Sickness Unto...

So, I'm not quite out of the woods yet, but I'm fighting my way out of a week long flu-like illness. I don't get sick like this often, but when I do it can be pretty intense.

When I get sick like this, I get as close to being suicidal as I can, because I have really weird scary dreams. There was one with monster blockhead alien beings (there is a video on YouTube somewhere of me in a chat room, talking about a monster alien dream, which is kinda hilarious, but I think it's the same guys.) And they were like, "THE DEATH TRUCKS ARE HERE."  And I'm like, "Holy crap, DEATH!"

Thankfully, there was one dream that was funny enough to cancel that one out.  Prince was in it, His Royal Purpleness Himself, standing behind a keyboard. And he was looking at me with that look he gave to Kanye that time, and telling me, "Don't look, seriously, you won't like it."  And all of a sudden there was some kind of weird porn in my face (that I really didn't wanna look at.)

And I guess the meaning of that dream was Prince ain't gonna steer anybody wrong.

Also, his music will rip yer face off.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

What If?

What if everything wrong with a person was holding back everything that was right with them?
I had an interesting thought: what if all the good stuff about that one person I couldn't bring myself to forgive was somehow free? It could come out and heal old hurts by causing them to say things I wish they would.
It would also be like they would be free too. They would have the power to see things in a different way. 
That'd be really neat.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Kitchen Memories

The wallpaper was a fruit and vegetable motif, done in brilliant orange and green. This was the late sixties/early seventies, when really earthy earth tones were popular (avocado green refrigerators and ovens were born around this time.)

Spices we had then: petrified tumeric in a small can from 1937, oregano, and something called "Beau Monde" seasoning, which seemed to be an unholy concoction of garlic salt, cream of tartar, whatever they used to make that "Butter. Buds" product, and some black pepper thrown in to save it from looking like powdered puke.

With these and ketchup the house chef would serve whatever dead animal wound up on our plates.