Monday, February 13, 2012

Meditation and Psychic Healing

I was at the New Living Expo last year, and got a reading from some folks at Psychic Horizons (students in their program--a good reading), and I saw them give a talk, and they were one of the better presentations I felt.

When I either get a new job or start making more money, I will be taking a class in this program. They seem like they take a really no-nonsense approach.

Anywho, I'm checking out their website, and they have some free introductory videos, and I'm watching them, and I notice that people in the class are talking about the feelings that they have in their bodies during the meditation.

I also noticed myself some pain-ish kind of feelings in my head during the meditation. Anyone who meditates knows that when you do it, you are often distracted by feelings in your body, and in a way, this is your body tuning in to itself.

Listening to the woman in this video, I'm realizing that's the beginnings of psychic healing (of your own self anyway, and once you get good at doing it for yourself, being able to help others probably soon follows) because if you can feel it, that is part of knowing how to access it to change it.