Monday, May 27, 2002

I may be revealing a little too much here...

[music|Ryan Adams--Gold]

In case you hadn't noticed I am a flawed individual. I have issues. Tonight's offering points up just how twisted I am in my own little way.

I was perusing this website. In the section labeled "Occult Humor", specifically a delightful article entitled "The Rite of Ritual Defecation", I was struck by a thought. The times I talk to myself the most (or rather, the times I yell at people who aren't there in a pissed off way) are usually when I am in the bathroom, on the crapper, or showering. It is at these times when I am quite literally cleansing myself from the things that piss me off. You gotta hand it to me for being extremely vulnerable here. Only the Hermgirl could impart such life lessons: No problem so big that a good healthy crap can't take care of it...

Then I started thinking of a British comedy I saw years ago where the characters talked about "Gandhi's Laxative" and how Gandhi had recieved enlightenment while sitting on the crapper. What was really funny was how they pronounced Gandhi like "candy" instead of the pretentious American way of saying "Gone-di" with the long A sound...

Thanks to Amoris for bringing me into an insight in a way he (she?) probably didn't anticipate.

Thursday, May 23, 2002

And now for the inevitable mindless rant...

[music|Too much of a headache to be listening to anything.]

Well, this week I was going to have a very nice entry for you, but what I want to say today is that I hate hate HATE my job! About the only advantage to it is that I get a decent discount on books, but I am getting so sick of working in retail. It has been a very hectic week of people not coming in cuz they didn't feel like it and the rest of us having to make up for it.

Retail is filled with the dregs of humanity. If they aren't sexually harassing you, they're doing as little work as humanly possible. I had originally thought that working at a bookstore would be cool, but it is no different from working at Carl's Jr. or someplace stupid like that.

Sunday, May 19, 2002

My Own Private Idaho

Ok, so here's something I learned today: Don't ever do anything beyond the pale, because people will screw you for it if they can. Simply put, there is no honor among thieves. I went to work today, and I waited in the rain for over an hour for the zygote that is my boss to come in and open up, he's the only one with the key.

He then confronts me about my discussing him with our boss regarding the fact that he doesn't do his share of the work. But it wasn't like I initiated these conversations with our boss, it was more like she is not stupid and she has been observing that things are not as they should be.

The way he put it to me today was basically if I scratch his back, he'd scratch mine. Anyone that knows me knows that Hermie don't play that way.

When I got home I called my boss and fessed up to any possible thing I could have done wrong at all.

Friday, May 17, 2002

A consumer report...

[music|David Bowie--Hunky Dory & Hours]

I was cleaning up in the kitchen today, and I have made a decision: Don't buy Ziplock Double Guard bags, they are bullshit. They suck; the whole concept of having a bag inside of another bag is so anally retentive I can't stand it.

I have the house all to myself this weekend and I cleaned out the fridge. I am going to make the most of kick-ass salad you ever saw, and then I am going to have a naked pagan ritual in the living room. I did promise my aunt, though, that I would not burn the house down, so I kind of have to keep it low-key.