Thursday, January 01, 2015

My Three Words for 2015

So, Chris Brogan over @ Chris Brogan is doing this whole "three word" thing, and I Iike it.

I like that this is turning the idea of of "resolutions" on its head.  Because your New Year's stuff should be more about focus than about stuff you oughtta do,, which can ruin your focus.

That being said, I'd like to get this under way with my three words, which are:

  1. Calibrate.  I'm going to ask myself, "What's my level? How do I get there and how do I vibrate on that frequency?" This is also sort of a spiritual idea, the idea of, getting with one's Higher Power, whatever that may be, and finding out what you should be doing (yeah, I know, "should".)
  2. Educate. Self-education is going to be very important this year, about a lot of different things.
  3. Create. More blogging, hopefully more YouTube videos this year (maybe even getting started on a book, holy shnikeys!)
I feel like these are three words that go together, they flow into each other logically, and it's a good focus for my year.

Happy 2015, buddies.