Tuesday, November 26, 2002

The Osbournes

Ok, so the season opener has been watched. First impressions? Jack and Kelly have issues they need to work out. Ozzy is still simply the man. It was weird how Sharon seemed to have a precognition about her upcoming troubles. She may be the only lucid one in the family. So crazy, all of them, but you gotta love them.

I was reading Adam Duritz' Blog (yes, he has one too!) while I was watching, and oddly enough Jack Osbourne had a great idea.

He called his house and said "Tell them to turn on the sprinklers, there's a bunch of people in front of the house."

That might solve Adam's "people waiting to pounce on you in a hotel lobby without any regard for your feelings or what kind of day you've had, etc" problem. Of course, how many hotel lobbies have sprinklers, I don't know, but you could get people with super-soakers to help you out. Seems like that would be practical.

Watching: My new family, The Osbournes!

Saturday, November 23, 2002

WooHoo YourSELF! And Who is YO Daddy?!

[music|TV: AbFab, and Carrie Fisher interviewing Jude Law on Oxygen]

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Sunday, November 17, 2002

The Crows on the View

So, this past week Counting Crows were on the View, let me ReView for your edification.

Overall, it was a well turned out segment. The set design was attractive. They began by chatting with Adam, and for once, Meredith was not irritating. I had worried about this, as heretofore I considered her an odious bitch, and had been thinking that she had better mind her ps & qs or I would send her a nasty email or something. I need not have worried, however, and have even decided to rescind my former attitude and officially Cut the Woman Some Slack.

There had been some fitness expert doctor on before their set, and Adam joked, "Doctor Lamb looked kind of fat to me!" This made me wonder if the doctor had bugged any of the slightly portly members of the group. Those of us who are advocates of the Fat Band really couldn't give a rip what some fitness guy says.

They played their cover of Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi", a fine performance. I really dug the way Immy leaned up against Adam the way he did. Immy is such a "Right-hand-man" type of guy, or in his case, Immy is Adam's Left-Hand-Man.

This reminds me of how I totally dorked out when buying my Warfield show ticket. I did not get up early enough to get a ticket to the front of the stage area, where I could chill out "Immerside", as us CC fans like to call it. I love that word; I stole it from someone on a message board, whoever invented that word, you rock! David Immergluck, wearer of bindies & eye makeup, lover of Uriah Heep, guy I actually got to meet for thirty seconds, you are the Man.

I am also reminded that about two weeks ago the Crows were on Howard Stern.

I don't much care for Howard, but I feel about him the way I feel about Conan O'Brian: Not very entertaining on his own, but he tends to get good guests, and it is sometimes worth it to tune in just to see the guest. Howard can sometimes even rise to the level of a really good guest, which makes me wonder why he insists on doing stupid stuff like talk incessantly about himself and the toilet humor stuff that he does. If he got rid of those two things and just focused on interviewing notable people in a Larry King sort of a way, he might really achieve even more than he already has achieved.

What really colors my perception of Howard is that I remember when he first started becoming popular in the early eighties. He used to go on TV shows and MTV, etc, and for some reason, people feared him! He would walk around TV show sets, insulting people until someone stopped him. He created huge mayhem on the David Brenner show, until his announcer shut him down by saying, "What did you have for lunch, Howard, salami & garlic?" He seemed to be trying to work out his anger about being the tall ugly kid in school.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah, the Crows on Howard.

Well, Adam & Howard seem to be friends, which seems odd to me, but they had a good interview segment with him. He did some rock trivia with a caller, and kicked major booty, because he is simply The Man when it comes to rock music knowledge. I would love to see an episode of Rock & Roll Celebrity Jeopardy with Adam Duritz up against Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray, which might be quite a contest. Of course, Mark McGrath is a huge dork in all other areas of his life, but the man knows his way around a Rock & Roll Jeopardy board.

Right now I am watching Jarred's Room on SNL--Jimmy did his Adam impression--WooHoo!!!!Gotta go. Bye Buddies!!!I Love Goby!!!!