Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

And the Queen said, "Fuck everything, let's talk about FOOD, you guys!"

There is a street near school that has two tremendous places:  the first is a produce store where EVERYTHING is at its peak of ripeness and freshness, and the prices are crazy insane cheap, like half the price you would pay at Safeway.

The second, is Trader Joe's

They have these things there, stuffed grape leaves?  Can we talk here?  Ok, the grape leaves themselves are soaked in brine.  Anything soaked in brine wins cool points with me (and I know all that salt is bad, but...)  Then, it's like this rice stuffing mixture that has tomatoes, olive oil, green and red peppers and mint.  Mint!  The sum-total of these ingredients is just, it's just...ohhgoditsgood!

And then, there is this Thai food place near my house that I have discovered that has these corn cakes that are not really like cornbread in any way, just fresh corn and something else corny and crispy, and then they serve it with this cucumber sauce that is like really fresh cucumber with like hot & sour sauce, but cold.

In conclusion, I just found out that Peet's coffee is again serving its to-die-for pumpkin spice lattes!!!