Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Chicago, Chicago, that toddlin' town!

My brother is pulling up stakes and moving to Chicago. I had joked with him that he needed to grow one of those soul patch goatees and start wearing a hat & dark glasses. This was a Chicago blues man reference, which I don't think he got. He is so not one of those kind of people, which is why it was funny (to me at least.)

Then by chance I happened upon this when I was looking at a message board devoted to books.

Nine floors of books. Can I make it any plainer? Nine. I have been putting my books into storage because I have too many for my little bedroom. Maybe I will talk more about that later.

And in other news:I have decided to quit the Counting Crows message board. Most of those people (not all, there is a small handful of intelligent, artistic types) are spoiled, ignorant ghetto children. I just could not bond with those people. Also, this could be part of my beginning to become bored with the Crows. While their latest album is definitely a keeper, I am not very happy with that "American Girls" single, or the video, which did nothing for me. And I think Adam is becoming whiny. Which for him is like, embarrassingly whiny. Last year there was that audio clip of him talking about people griping about the length of the shows, etc, and he sounded so out of it from drugs it was embarrassing (which makes you wonder why they stopped doing that little feature on the CC web site.) This year he's complaining because someone is griping that they didn't get an autograph or a picture or something.

It just makes me want to say, "Hey Adam, there's a thing called a fourth wall, and one of the reasons that it's there is because it keeps you from having to care too much what we all think." He is so generous in trying to communicate with fans as much as possible, but his level of involvement could be dangerous. It makes me think of Roger Waters, how at one point before he wrote the Wall, he had grown to hate the way people acted at concerts, to even hate his own fans, and wanted to spit on them (not even in a punk rock sort of way, Pink Floyd being so unpunk it's not even funny. Successful 70s rock band with nothing to rebel against.) I wonder if and when this will happen to you Adam? When it does, rest assured, Hermgirl will have already left the building. Until then, I am content. You are a true rock prima donna. You and the rest of the band are still the best thing going.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: It is not an easy job being a Counting Crows fan.

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