Tuesday, November 26, 2002

The Osbournes

Ok, so the season opener has been watched. First impressions? Jack and Kelly have issues they need to work out. Ozzy is still simply the man. It was weird how Sharon seemed to have a precognition about her upcoming troubles. She may be the only lucid one in the family. So crazy, all of them, but you gotta love them.

I was reading Adam Duritz' Blog (yes, he has one too!) while I was watching, and oddly enough Jack Osbourne had a great idea.

He called his house and said "Tell them to turn on the sprinklers, there's a bunch of people in front of the house."

That might solve Adam's "people waiting to pounce on you in a hotel lobby without any regard for your feelings or what kind of day you've had, etc" problem. Of course, how many hotel lobbies have sprinklers, I don't know, but you could get people with super-soakers to help you out. Seems like that would be practical.

Watching: My new family, The Osbournes!

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