Monday, December 23, 2002

Death of an icon, and a new icon reborn...

At 12:24 PST, there was a little rumbler, just before I started this entry.

In a world where Avril Lavigne is considered punk, the rock world grows a little colder with the death of Joe Strummer.

I wasn't the biggest Clash fan in the world, but I do remember that when I was twelve the song "London Calling" made my heart race with the thought of Anarchy...And that is sadly something that is in very short supply for the twelve year olds of this day. There is a great big world beyond what is spoon-fed you on MTV, kids. Don't be satisfied until you can grab yourself a big piece of it.

In Other News: One of my favorite bloggers, Tangerine Girl, has returned from a long hiatus. This is someone who inspired me when I was first learning about computers and the Internet. One of those people that I looked at and said, "Damn, I wish I could do that!"

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