Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Recent Bookstore and BATS Aquisitions

  • Lon Milo DuQuette--The Book of Ordinary Oracles (Very cute, and indeed quite useful, and I got a very nice autograph!)
  • Hello Tarot (What happens when you mix Sanrio and Tarot?)
  • Gerald Suster--The Legacy of the Beast (This one, and the next three, gotten at Green
    Apple Books in San Francisco)
  • Aleister Crowley--The Heart of the Master
  • DuQuette--Angels, Demons, and Gods of the New Millennium
  • Franz Bardon--Initiation into Hermetics (only fifteen bucks--SCORE!)
  • Laura Scott & Mary kay Linge--Divining the Future (I found this at the Book Market after I went to BATS--apparently, I hadn't spent my last available dollar yet.)
So, that gives me something to do, in addition to the philosophy homework I have to get back to...

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