Wednesday, October 12, 2005

And one of the SAD things about the internet... that it gives know-nothing whelps like this a forum to take pics of their fancypants yuppie "author" meet and greets that they have the unmitigated nerve
to desecrate the hallowed floors of the City Lights bookstore
with.  I was traipsing around the checkered floor there before
some of these people were even born.  And the ones that do look like they're from my generation were still too busy acting cool to even think of picking up a book at that time.

You really must witness the pic of the semigoth/yuppie look chicklit
bitch that they thought important enough to include here:  Adam
Duritz (one of the great Loves of My Life), would have called this a
display of "Brand New Attitude."  The perfect low-rise jeans, not
too faded, not too nouveau, tank top with the ever-so-tastefully exposed
brastrap coming out. 

"Writers do it better," I'm told--well, what
do they do better, darling?  One answer to that which comes to
mind is "Spell."  Another is "Have a nodding aquaintance with
grammar and syntax."  Them:  "However this evening we dining

This person has the gall to call Kerouac and Ginsberg bad
authors (and frankly, I'm sure they had it coming, darling, being
exceptions to that whole "doing it better" rule--one of them being a
zen buddhist semibisexual given to periods of celibacy, one of them
actually being GAY!  Well, they weren't very good yuppies, were they?) hence my whole reason for being so incensed.

I looked at the profile of the gherkin who posted this travesty of
blogdom and was shocked to learn that some of his favorite music
included:  Counting Crows, Bob Dylan, Neil Young (he spelled the
first name "Neal"!!!), and Johnny Cash!!!  How
could the cool not have rubbed off, at least a little?  I blame
the early to mid Nineties, who made this kind of thing possible with
their cheap alterna-consciousness and their Rolling Stone magazine, Gap
ad marketing.

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