Saturday, January 28, 2006

Friday Night (or Saturday Morning) Tarot Hoedown

(Well, I wrote it last night, anyway.)

After a long hiatus, the Hoedown is finally back.

Recommendations: I found a couple of nice things at Barnes & Noble, the first is a very cute little Deck/Book set. "The Tarot Box", with a book written by Juliet Sharman-Burke and a beautiful deck designed by Giovanni Caselli (the link is to the larger Sharman-Burke/Caselli set, which is also a recommendation), the cards being about 2" x 3.5", and the box includes a puzzle that has two spread layouts on it. A nice little gift or treat for yourself.

Secondly, A very good book for beginners, or anybody who just likes tarot books and wants to see a good one, is back in print, "Super Tarot" by Sasha Fenton.

Tarot in the News: From the UK--Palmist in the dock over false statements claim When are we gonna clear junk like this up, people?

From Dover, MD--Dover Store Embroiled in Religious Freedom Controversy It is this Tarologist's opinion that when we start clearing up unscrupulous practitioners such as the one in the first story, we'll have less resistence to our ideas, as in the second story.

A Tarot Reading: And lastly, a demonstration of the Joey Tribiani spread, which I'm not sure if I've given a demo of, but a full explanation of this spread will soon be up on the website.

For this spread, you simply lay four cards out from left to right. A brief explanation of the four positions:

1. What's in the past, recent or otherwise.
2. Where you are today.
3. The issue you are facing.
4. Probable outcome on the road you are traveling on.

And the draw went thusly:

1. Five of cups, rev--There has been some depression in the past, even though there needn't be. I think I have been lately been troubled by the unemployment factor.

2. Eight of swords, rev--I have a chance to beat this depression through hard work (I'm back in vocational school, studying accounting software at ROP!) Although it bears saying here, since some of us have been discussing depression lately, there are many different types of depression, not all of them can be "worked through", and if you are experiencing it, the best thing is to talk with someone about it.

3. Eight of wands, rev--Look before I leap! In my career planning endeavors (and I'm seeing that this reading is about my feelings about my career) it will behoove me to do my homework.

4. The Hermit--Through all of this I can gain wisdom that I can share with others.

I think it is interesting to note that, qabalistically speaking, we have the numbers eight and five, which are represented on the left side of the Tree as Hod (Splendor), Geburah (Severity), and the the nine of the Hermit is a multiple of three, which is Binah (Understanding).

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