Monday, February 26, 2007

Welcome to the Brain-Drain

Or:  Worst Frickin' President EVER!

Which are the four words my dad and I use when we sit in the front room and watch the news together.

Seriously, I think they all need to go, his cronies, all of them...I know I have a tendency to get incoherently ranty when discussing the Bush administration.  This particular  pile of crap needs to be hurled at Alberto Gonzales, I think.

  alerted me to this particular news item, which deals with the psychological torture of people that wind up as inmates of our military prisons.  Apparently, they are pulling pages directly out of the MK-ULTRA playbook.

I've written a little bit about this topic before, but basically what MK-ULTRA was was a CIA program in the 1950's that utilized shock treatment and LSD to perform mind control experiments.  There are theories that Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan were both products of this.

Having been under psychiatric outpatient care at one point in my life, this is the kind of thing I can see myself getting very paranoid about.

What is very scary to me is that our military seems to be intent on learning as much about the effects of psychological torture as it can (and make no mistake, all of these stories about Abu Ghraib and Gitmo aren't stuff that just happened without rhyme or reason, there's a method to this madness) , possibly in the efforts to create some kind of master race of killing machine soldiers.  The kind of techniques that are talked about in the Alternet article result in ego destruction, a complete separation of a person from their very motivations, from what makes them who they are.

As Lupa talked about elsewhere, there is a healthy way of working with one's ego, of removing what doesn't work (or allowing it to be removed), of moving the mental furniture around, so to speak.  Those of us who do meditation and study metaphysics know that this kind of work can be painful but necessary.

I can only wonder what will happen if the next president is another friend of the Bush Crime Family...

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