Sunday, March 04, 2007

Atheism: It's What's for Dinner!

Even though I'm a pagan who can't deny their connection to Spirit, or Deity, or whatever one might want to call it, I have an affinity for atheism. I guess I just like the whole freethinking idea, and the rational thought process that many atheists insist upon. I know that I really like the part about speaking out against the rabid evangelical right-wing's agenda to frame the United States as an all-one-way theocracy.

Imagine the pleasant surprise I had this evening while watching the news. ABC news deserves a lot of credit, they actually did two different stories on atheism, although not very long, the reporters both seemed to be hitting the devil's advocate button pretty hard against the atheists, but on the whole, commendable that they even gave the topic the amount of airtime they did.

Atheists Battle Against Religion

The Blasphemy Challenge

The second story deals with the Blasphemy Challenge, something I have seen on YouTube, which has a very thriving atheist community on it--in fact, you could probably say that if it hadn't been for YT's atheist contingent, there may not have been enough interest in the topic to warrent ABC doing the news stories.

A good example of a YouTuber atheist is Nick Gisburne, who was actually banned from the site, but his videos keep being uploaded by his fans. He's basically just an English bloke, thinking out loud about atheism issues.

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