Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Serendipitous Moment

So, here's a story of something kind of nice that happened to me today.

The day didn't start so well.  I got some sharp words of criticism from a family member.  Then I had a disagreement with some people on the internet, and I realized I had to completely remove myself from any further discussion with an entire group of people, because they just weren't worthy of the respect I had had for them. 

It's always more disappointing when these things happen between myself and folks who I thought were more intelligent and mature.  It wouldn't hurt as badly if it was a group of people I didn't care about.

It wasn't hugely devastating, but not the way I would have chosen to start my day.  So, when I started work that evening, I didn't feel so great.  So, when am I getting to the something nice, I'm sure you're wondering?

Well, I had been working for about 45 minutes, when I saw a familiar face come into the store.  A gal I had worked with about 15 years ago was shopping, and she remembered me.
In fact, she told me a story, something I had forgotten about.  She said, "I had a broken heart, and you gave me a little heart necklace and I still have it."  I don't think she knew what just that little sentence had meant right at that moment, how it lifted me out of the doldrums I was in.

There I was, stewing about how someone had called me a moron today on the internet--I mean, come on, it's the internet, how important is it?  And here comes along, this old friend, and reminds me of a small kind gesture I did and that they remembered it this whole time.  Some little thing I did made *them* feel better.

I pretty much had a smile on my face the rest of the night, and work went really well.

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