Tuesday, December 03, 2013

A Good News Day...

Today was a very good day.  I got a brand new job today.  The one I had didn’t suck, it was just becoming obvious to me that it was the wrong job for me, it didn’t fit.  I’m very grateful I was able to get it, but there are certain times when one needs to move on.

And today I saw the ad in Craigslist, a shiny, new ad that had just been posted, and said to myself, “Why not?  The worst that can happen is I don’t get it, but if I want to advance my career, I’ve got to do something now, and why not this?  It could just as easily be me as anyone else.”

I think what helped me was the fact that I *did* strike while the iron was hot, thereby securing the fact that I’d be one of the first they interviewed.  I’ve heard that’s one of the best job hunting tips:  always try to be the first one they talk to.

And this job is so great:  it’s entry level, yet it’s doing something very important.  I can learn a skill that I’ll have--this is a sales type of job, I’ve never done this type of thing before, but I feel like I’m up for the challenge.  Even if this eventually doesn’t work out, it is *still* an excellent experience to have.

I feel very “new chapter in my life” right now.  There are so many positive things about this job, and how it will help me in all kinds of areas of my life, and the other good things that are going on...There is something very “fresh and un-stale” about my life right now.

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