Tuesday, March 29, 2016

And the Sickness Unto...

So, I'm not quite out of the woods yet, but I'm fighting my way out of a week long flu-like illness. I don't get sick like this often, but when I do it can be pretty intense.

When I get sick like this, I get as close to being suicidal as I can, because I have really weird scary dreams. There was one with monster blockhead alien beings (there is a video on YouTube somewhere of me in a chat room, talking about a monster alien dream, which is kinda hilarious, but I think it's the same guys.) And they were like, "THE DEATH TRUCKS ARE HERE."  And I'm like, "Holy crap, DEATH!"

Thankfully, there was one dream that was funny enough to cancel that one out.  Prince was in it, His Royal Purpleness Himself, standing behind a keyboard. And he was looking at me with that look he gave to Kanye that time, and telling me, "Don't look, seriously, you won't like it."  And all of a sudden there was some kind of weird porn in my face (that I really didn't wanna look at.)

And I guess the meaning of that dream was Prince ain't gonna steer anybody wrong.

Also, his music will rip yer face off.

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