Sunday, October 27, 2002

A retraction, and yet more insane cleaning

[music|Cream--Greatest Hits, Rory Gallagher--The Best of Taste]

I got my ticket for the Crows on Dec. 16. And I would like to print a retraction on my remarks about Adam Duritz on Sep. 25. I think I was just feeling pissy that day because of the message board issue, and I should never have said he sounded like he was on drugs... I just sometimes have feelings that change even though they are not indicative of my REAL feelings, sometimes I am such a Gemini. That doesn't mean I am two-faced, that means that sometimes I look at sides of an issue that I don't always look at, whether it's real or not, but it may be real in a way, or whatever... I can't really say what I mean about this.

On the cleaning front: I am reaching the point where I don't have to clean more than once a week maintenance. I was gonna write more, but my mom is sitting behind me, waiting to use the comp.

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