Sunday, August 01, 2004

For the past couple of days my parents have been gone, visiting my brother (the one I like , the gay one) in Chicago. They will be back on Tuesday. I proceded to spend the first night to myself staying up til 8 am. Then I had to get started on my plans for my few days alone.

I like to spend time cleaning my room when my parents are gone. It sometimes involves throwing things out, and moving some of my junk into another room while I vacuum, dust, throw shit away, and move stuff around.

Anyway, the first order of business was to get some storage units. Not just any storage units, but bookshelves for the many books that are littering my floor. What this meant, was that I had to get some milk crates. I waited til about midnight to go get some. Not being sure how the stores feel when you go and take their milk crates, I like to do it on the sly.

So I got my expandable luggage cart, and set out for the Baskin & Robbins at the local strip mall where I had been able to gank some before. Of course this time there weren't any.

I looked up at the end of the strip, at the Mollie Stone's, I heard some music and voices coming from there. I assumed it was the people who worked there, winding up for the night. Actually, it was a bunch of kids playing cards at a table in front of the store. The kind of kids that sit around at Starbucks drinking coffee until the place closes, then they're so hyped up on caffiene they can't go home and go to sleep, so they go somewhere else and sit around. You could call them "coffee shop kids", they seem to have a culture all their own.

It was strangely peaceful there, at the end of the mall in the middle of the night, kids with pink hair and glasses playing cards at a table, at the other end of the tables sat an affable looking security guy. It was one of those weird quiet moments that I like about the middle of the night. I occasionally find myself out and about in the middle of the night, and this night's somnambulent errands made me feel a little weird.

I asked if they had any idea which store I was most likely to find some crates, they suggested I look behind Longs. I did and found the mother lode. I wished I had a truck and a house of my own to bring a bunch of junk to, because I could have built my own furniture with some of the crap I found back there. I know one day I will be a serious dumpster diver.

I got six crates, stacked them up and lashed them to my luggage cart. I made my way home, pushing my cart through the middle of the street.

I am such a weirdo.

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