Sunday, August 01, 2004

Musical Meanderings

It occurs to me that I have not sufficiently pimped my Launchcast Radio Station.

For people like me who don't feel much like bothering with Napster or Kazaah, the principle is simple: you sign up, program in your musical preferences, they play you stuff, and you sort of vote for the music you like the best by rating the song, artist, and genre. It plays further music based on how you vote.

Oddly enough, my station as it stands now doesn't play enough Counting Crows and is a little top-heavy in the metal department (of course, who doesn't like a little Pantera now and again?) but perhaps the more I work with it this will rectify itself. That would be my only complaint--that you need to get the paid version in order to get different "moods" programmed in so you could listen according to what you felt like at the time.

Another interesting discovery in online music that I've made is that Bruce Dickinson has a radio program, and has made himself over to the point where he looks and sounds every bit as one would imagine those BBC radio personalities do. Not altogether unobjectionable, as one of them might say.

I found out about this through Rocksnobs, which is a blog my inner High School Senior would love to have written. Of course, they didn't have the internet back then...

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