Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Slamdancing With the Angels, or, "At my left hand, Uriel..."

"Zeus speaks: Drink my friends, drink with the gods of Olympus and become one with them. Be one of us and part of all that has been in this beautiful land. I will make you all gods and goddesses, with powers and realms of your own. I ask only that you acknowledge me as ruler of Olympus and all who belong to it. (He holds out the cup and waits.)"
--D.A. Nowicki, The Shining Paths
The week before last, I was offered a similar cup to drink from. I can't quite name it exactly at this juncture, but I've been invited to do something.

I have been hoping for this opportunity for a while and been preparing for it, but naturally now that it's here I am beset with niggling doubts.

Do I take the red pill or the blue pill?

After living under that question for the past week, Sunday night I'm doing my nocturnal thing in my room, listening to one of those college radio stations. The kind that plays the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, b/w Screaming Jay Hawkins, b/w Diamondia Galas, b/w Anton LaVey doing torch songs with an organ, b/w some kinda ambient stuff that sounds like breaking glass and people screaming mixed together.

So, I got very confrontational with my Spirit Guide.

My eyes fell on my Doreen Virtue Healing With the Angels and Archangel Oracle cards (I was ridin' the razor's edge the other night, buddies!) and I said, "OK, baby, let's dance! You TELL me what I should do!"

I threw the big cards on the bed, mixing them violently. This was how the draw fell:
  1. Trust
  2. You Know What to Do--Archangel Uriel: Trust your inner knowlege, and act upon it without delay.
  3. Forgiveness
  4. Relationship Harmony--Archangel Raguel: We angels are opening the hearts of eveyone involved. Arguments and conflicts are being resolved now.
  5. Abundance
Just as I laid these cards out and was looking at them, the radio show hostess came on. Her voice was deep, throaty, and suitably gothy. Her name (I am not making this up!) was Ophelia Necro.

She was saying something about getting mentally prepared: "For some of you, this will mean going to sleep. For others...You know what to do!"

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