Thursday, May 26, 2005

So here's the full scoop:

I am now working as an office clerk for a small business, a bail bonds/traffic school/insurance broker/ DMV registration service/uhh, dessert topping and floor wax...

My job is to answer phones, take messages, send faxes, and file papers. I am the ONLY one in the office, the few people that work there breeze in and out occasionally, on their way to somewhere else apparently.

I had my only interview for this job last night at 8:45 pm--the gal was on her way somewhere and had found the resume I dropped off. Gave me the key, I came in this morning,. I talked with one guy who came in for about a half an hour to inspect some papers.

I sent two faxes, I separated some files and put them in different piles (are we sensing a pattern here? This is an easy job!) I "familiarised" myself with the filing system by snooping through it, and found some interesting stuff in the bail bonds section on "interviews and interrogations" that talked about how to tell if someone's really telling you the truth--I'll be reading that one thoroughly later, I'm sure.

I'm sensing that whatever work they give me to do will probably take about three hours at the most to complete, then the rest of the day is mine. I anticipate doing a lot of reading, like Henry Winkler did in "Night Shift", before Michael Keaton came along and spoiled everything...

I am going to make it my business to be the best office clerk these people ever saw. Regular, daytime hours (hello, bodyclock realignment!), fairly good money. Last night I was so excited I could hardly sleep. Tonight I am so tired I don't think I will have that problem, 'nighty-night all.

I mean, I'm two doors down from a place that serves chili cheese fries, could things get any better?

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