Wednesday, December 28, 2005

So, what *is* "The Secret"?

A new marketing ploy has been launched upon the masses. In the wake of recent tragedies in the headlines like Katrina, the London bombing, AIDS in Africa, etc., humankind is naturally looking for answers, help, something.

Along come people with a tv show, (which will likely be riddled with interesting commercials!) to tell us about a wonderful secret, which great people throughout history knew. And they are going to share it with us!

They are already gearing up with banner ads interested folk can use, ipod tie-ins, etc. The mind boggles at what future media bonanza will await the creators of this television event.

The most interesting part of the Secret's blog are the comments, complete with some seminar wonk, salivating at future marketing opportunities, sending the same comment over and over again. This could be bigger than the Kabbalah--what WILL Madonna do?

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