Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year's Resolutions for 2006

I'm not gonna do "Statements of Will" like I did last year, it was pretentious of me and placed too much pressure on myself to be even more spectacular than I already was, so getting fancy like that is out.

Did I do the things I resolved last year?

Did I "stir more meat" into my literary pot with this blog? Um, not really. I got some stuff written, but I still have to edit it into a coherent body of stuff.

Did I become a "raging health machine"? I didn't become Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 like I wanted to, but I was going to a gym for a while, and I stopped hitting the chocolate quite so hard.

Did I keep a magickal diary? I did, but mostly not online. I have a notebook where I check off everytime I remember to do LBRP and one where I keep my Tarot readings.

Did I become a digital camera expert? Well, I got a new camera that works a lot better, and will be learning more about how to use it.

And now, a list of things I would like to do in 2006:

Clean up the Grotto and put up a couple more articles there.

Mo Tarot! Mo Tarot! Mo Tarot! I need to get back to my pathworking and qablalistic studies, one of the ways I am going get qabalistically in tune is by using a method outlined by a friend, using the 1 - 10 pips in my tarot deck, and a combination of Duquette's Chicken Qabala, Godwin's Qabalistic Encyclopedia, Regardie's Garden of Pomegranates, Crowley's 777 and Bk of Thoth, and anything else that seems good that I can get my hot little hands on.

I would like to either get a job down at Petco, or continue dogwalking and supplement it by starting a small Ebay business.

And finally, I have decided to go vegan!!! You heard it here first, folks. I may have a transitional period where I am lacto-ovo, but I just watched "Meet Your Meat" with Alec Baldwin, and had a good cry, and I can't in good conscience touch anything made by the butchers anymore. I am an animal lover.

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