Monday, September 11, 2006

Happy 9/11 Day!!!

Five years ago today was a day when we all huddled together for strength, when we felt close because we all felt as though we had been touched by tragedy.  We believed, on this day five years ago, that though the toll taken had been harsh, we could continue to stand together and somehow weather the storm of grief that had suddenly been thrust upon us.

The Idiot in Chief stood amongst the rescue workers, the first responders, at Ground Zero on this day five years ago, and declared:

"The whole country hears you! I can assure you, those responsible for this will soon hear from us all!"

And it was hard not to get choked up.  Hard not to believe that somehow, we could all get together, rally behind our president, and fix this, or something.

Wonder what Bush & Co are up to now?

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