Saturday, September 16, 2006

So school has started and I'm taking Computerized Accounting again. I'm really happy and exited about it - I've got maybe the best Bus Ed teacher in the the Bay Area as my teacher.

Once again there are people that don't quite know the ropes here as well as I do, and I'll be available to help - I have enough of a handle on what I'm doing for it not to be a problem.

But then there are the negative people, like the one I was talking to on the first week - I had to turn my head away and stick my tongue out at the blackboard as she was talking, she was such a complainer. Everyone is here for the same purpose, darling, to upgrade their job skills and hence, also has a sense of urgency/importance about what they're doing and about finishing and getting a certificate and so forth. The problem I have with you, you unique little snowflake, you, is I don't enjoy taking time to help and encourage people who have no interest in being helped and encouraged, although, that doesn't stop them from asking me for it. But enough about that bitch.

By contrast, I helped a person this week - taught them how to work with tables in word to make a calendar - that was so appreciative, it was a joy. I could tell their openness and positivity made it easy for them to grasp the concepts. I wonder how well the first person will do, but I have confidence in the second one.

Oh, in case anyone is wondering about how I said I'm taking the class again, this is a vocational school I'm at. It's an at your own pace, pick and choose your own curriculum, sort of place. People who have been there longer help newbies, there are aspects that are run just like a job site, that sort of thing.

Anyway, I am really happy to be back in school! I love my class, I love my friends, I love my teacher, I love my new accounting book!!! (12/20/08--Heh.)


SunTiger said...

I just recently heard a study (broadcast over NPR) done to determine if one personality could utterly destroy the productivity in a particular work environment.

Guess what -- the pessimistic negative person you described (and stuck your tongue at the blackboard about) is the very personality type who employees across the United States complained about most.

{Welcome to CyberCoven!!!}

Richest blessings
~ SunTiger

SunTiger said...

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