Sunday, May 19, 2002

My Own Private Idaho

Ok, so here's something I learned today: Don't ever do anything beyond the pale, because people will screw you for it if they can. Simply put, there is no honor among thieves. I went to work today, and I waited in the rain for over an hour for the zygote that is my boss to come in and open up, he's the only one with the key.

He then confronts me about my discussing him with our boss regarding the fact that he doesn't do his share of the work. But it wasn't like I initiated these conversations with our boss, it was more like she is not stupid and she has been observing that things are not as they should be.

The way he put it to me today was basically if I scratch his back, he'd scratch mine. Anyone that knows me knows that Hermie don't play that way.

When I got home I called my boss and fessed up to any possible thing I could have done wrong at all.

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