Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year, Blogger Citizens!

Statements of Will for 2005

Rather than make "New Year's Resolutions", which are something you can make, then forget about by February, perhaps if I do it this way, I'll be more likely to keep them (it could happen!)

In 2005, I will:
  • Stir more meat into the pot. I'm talking essay-entries here in this journal, as well as articles and a new look for my website.

  • Become a raging health-machine. At any point I should be able to stop and ask myself, "At what percentage am I being the Ultimate Health Machine?" Getting hit with the flu over Xmas is my motivation here, while it afforded me the ability to opt out of a holiday I am rapidly growing disenchanted with, it's no fun having Twilight Zone hallucinations and thinking you're gonna die...

  • Keep a magickal diary. There is a very convincing argument here for the benefits of doing it.

  • Explore the depths of what I can do with my with my new digital camera. And no, sorry, that doesn't mean what some of you think that need to get your minds outta the gutter...

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