Sunday, March 19, 2006

GTD in My Den

I was cleanin' like a madwoman today. As a result I have an amazingly clean desk, with room for my new scanner, which I have not hooked up yet, but there may be interesting things along that frontier soon.

I evicted some of my Mom's leftover stuff from where it was taking up space in the drawers, and cleared out lots of room for my accounting textbooks and paper and a few books I am reading, so now the desk area in the den is going to be a really efficient place to Get Things Done, and a little plug for the David Allen book there, I put that in the drawer too--I still have to get going on that.

What I had going for sound during this was first NPR, and my usual sunday thing of Prarie Home Companion, and then City Arts and Lectures, where they had Fran Lebowitz, who I have decided is awesome--she actually spends eight hours a day reading! Then I listened to some podcasts, and I got caught up on all the ones at TCTC, so I am feeling mighty accomplished.

I also cleaned off the easy chair, and when I removed the cushion to vacuum underneath, I found enough cookie/cracker crumbs to season a plate of rice. I don't know why I went there, but I thought you guys would enjoy that mental image.

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