Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My morning, on two and a half hours sleep:

So I'm thinkin', no problem, I'll go down the hill to the ATM and stick my $$$ in the bank before I catch the bus to school. Of course, I get down there, and all the regular ATMs are taken, and the clock is ticking on the bus's ETA, so I think, no problem, just go over to the drive up ATM (bad idea.) I then proceed to not read the flashing notice that it is out of order, and try shoving my card in the appropriate, though woefully unresponsive, orifice. Another bad idea.

Then I go over to the bus stop, to wait for the appropriate transportation. One of these ladies with the Watchtower that does their gig at bus stops comes over and starts chatting. I have no energy to resist, so I figure I'll try saying something really bizarre to her, even if she doesn't get it, just for my own shits & giggles.

Sure enough, she sizes me up, and, figuring me for a high school student (it must be the giant backpack) she tries to show me some article about kids who cut , "and once they start doing it, they develop a habit of doing it that is hard to break."

"One might say they're addicted to pain." Biggest bizarro smile I can manage, hoping this is fraught with meaning.

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