Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Me and the JWs in the Morning, Pt. 2

I'm waiting for the bus, and the lady comes by with her pamphlets again. There were a lot of young people around, so she had hit pay dirt, they all took one.

I was combing my hair in the window, and then my eyes caught sight of a damp old Watchtower in the plants. In a stroke of genius, I turned around and handed it to her, saying, "Here, why don't you take this one back? It's all messed up." This was classic.

Of course, she didn't quite know how to react to this, so she stiffly took it back and said, "Thank you, I'll dispose of this properly."

Wallow, wallow in your shame, polluters of the earth!!! Thou hast promulgated thy unclean religion in the wrong place.

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