Wednesday, January 03, 2007

As It is Written, Let It Be Done...

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been thinking about the fact that though I have been kicking around the periphery of paganism for many years, I have never actually joined anything, or had any kind of ceremonial ritual setting myself apart--I did when I was a Christian all those years ago, but not as a pagan.

I almost had one last year with a group, but backed out at practically the last minute. It wasn't the time, these weren't the people (although, I hasten to add, many of those folks were very cool people.) Since that experience, I've come to believe that my spiritual path needed to be solitary, although that didn't mean it was any less of a path than someone initiated into a group, an order or a coven.

In the past few days I received *signals* that now was the time, that I should work up a self-dedicatory rite, and perform it.

Therefore, let it be known, that I, Hermgirl, today dedicated myself to the service of all the gods, to the honor of the Lord and Lady, to the glory of Hermes my patron.

The Oracles

Tarot: Two of Cups, Three of Swords, The Hermit.
I believe the significance of this is that we have two disparate forces, the two of cups and the three of swords are like yin and yang, love and hate, pleasure and pain, coming together. Adding two and three gives you five, which is the number of the Hierophant, which is my soul card. This represents the good and bad in all people, and the need to accept them both together. The Hermit is a counterpart of the Hierophant, where the five is about orthodoxy and teaching and listening to teachers, the nine is about going off alone and listening to your own still small voice. Also the significance of 2007 as a nine year.
The I Ching of Mi-Lo: Trigram 64
Before Completion: Things are difficult, but ther is great promise. Be careful and very deliberate. You could still blow it. Do your due dilligence before proceeding.
His blade of human knowledge, natural astuteness particularized by long associations with cases in police court, had been tempered by brief immersions in the waters of general philosophy.--from The Portable James Joyce
Theme of the year: Gnosis

We'll see how things are in a year and a day.

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