Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy Lunar New Year!

So on New Year's Eve at midnight there was a huge amount of fireworks, the kind that sound like bombs going off. It was like people wanted to kick '06 in the ass on its way out.

It had been a real bitch of a year, I think, for me, for people I know, and for the US in general. A lot of goofy shit went down in '06.

I'm not a numerologist, but I have heard ideas bandied about regarding 2007, which adds up to the number 9, a number of completion. The ninth sephira is Yesod, which is called the Fundamental Principal, or the Foundation. There will be things reaching their apex this year, things righting themselves, things reaching their level. Maybe some of us will get our wish, which is something I always say when I see the Nine of Cups card.

Another thing about last year, specifically its ending: I'm gonna go all woo-woo on you here. Another idea that's been bandied about was the three deaths that occurred in the last week. I remember when the Pope died, it was also in a group of three--I can't remember who the others were.

That day I was at a Tarot Symposium, and I danced a little dance with Lon Milo Duquette to give the old guy a nice sendoff into the Hereafter (the Pope, not Lon Milo Duquette!) But I remember my Tarot teacher then talking about how when a "train" of folks go up, as she termed it, it sometimes signifies a time of change in the world.

I believe that, and I also think the deaths of James Brown, Gerald Ford, and Saddam Hussein, while it was their time to go, it was also something of a sacrifice, along the order of how some believe the death of Princess Diana was a sacrifice. If you look at the architectural topography of the place Diana got in the accident, the neighborhood was filled with metaphysical symbology, and probably a center of natural ley lines as well.

In my last blog entry, I wondered who was the next to go, and I was only being halfway silly.

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