Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dear Change This Guys:

I get it, you want to have links to essays on pdf files that work like PowerPoint presentations.  One of the "Elements of Style" type things that I learned about PPoint is that it is best when you only have a couple of sentences per slide.

In trying to use your site, I discovered the reason for this:  having a whole bunch of paragraphs on one slide makes things unreadable.  I can't read tiny print, I have to resize everything I look at on the web.  The zoom function on these pages creates a situation where I can't scroll down, or click to the next slide, or anything like that.

It seems to me, you have a big usability problem here.  This is not the first time I have come to your site, lured by someone's glowing recommendation of one of these "manifestoes", and been totally frustrated.

Is having a cute little "technology fest" with the pdf files worth more than having a readership?  I wonder.  Change This?  Change This!!!

Just a thought,


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