Wednesday, November 17, 2004

"...and i will like to end my SEARCHING..."

I got this at Friendster today--the spelling has not been changed!

"with a greate pleasure and excitement it gives me

to write u this note of mine, well am graduate in
international relation,am from nigeria and dont
mind, having u as my friend out there if u dont
mind .................
and it took time to read everything
that u
wrote inside ur page,so i went through it and it
lovely wise saying compare to what i like
dont mind and am 36 yrs old.......... I really love
smile out there and
ur shape as well (uh, I posted a pic of Belle from Beauty & the Beast!) well,lady i will like u to holla me and tell me
u think about been ur friend down there
concening with what i read from ur page......i
evryrthing u wrote inseide, really goes
way i like and i will like to end my SEARCHING
if u
dont mind.
further,i work at the stock brokers, company so
the assitance to the MD.
so lady u as well as send me some off line
through my chating wchich is (name withheld to protect the innocent) u can
send me an off line msg so lady i will like to say
some thing that well make me happy
so bye 4 now and stay cool
(Name withheld to protect the innocent)

In other news: I will be attending a pathworking class tonight--will take notes and post her

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