Sunday, November 07, 2004

Saturday Night Tarot Hoedown

Well, I'm a day late, (and LJ was in read-only mode for a while, so it's even later than that,) but I have some good stuff for you tonight, buddies.

We start with a new feature. It may not appear every week, but I will be combing the internet for good news stories featuring Tarot.

Tarot in the News: Tonight's top story reminds me of years ago when I was a very young Hermgirl. I had a best friend at the time (a now ex best friend) who had run up a tab with a fortune teller. I was asked (and being the naive, trusting, generous young'un that I was, I complied) to take my last 27 bucks out of the bank to help cover the debt.

This story also makes me think that if I ever do become a professional Tarot reader, I will never allow "tab running". I think that getting psychic readings is one of the kind of things people can be really spendthrift about--it would be unethical, I think, to contribute to someone's spending problem.

And, in keeping with the past week's political theme, I have come up with a new spread!

~The Political Spread~

This spread is good for situations in which you need to map out a strategy, either against an opponent, or if you are making some kind of deal with another person or group of people.

The numbers represent card positions, the positions marked with an X are just there for spacing purposes.

3 1 8 2 4
5 6

  1. Your advantages

  2. Their advantages

  3. Your disadvantages

  4. Their disadvantages

  5. Foundation of the situation

  6. Consensus of all concerned

  7. Spiritual/psychological energy surrounding the situation

  8. What you need to drive home for the "win"

I actually don't have that kind of a situation in my life this week, so I will just be doing a Joey Tribiani spread on myself:

  1. Seven of Cups--There are several possibilities before me. I must remain focused to choose wisely.

  2. Seven of Wands--Success and victory are mine for the taking! If I take courage and am determined, I will hold my own agaist any difficulties.

  3. Knight of Pentacles--Slow and steady wins the race. Not a lot going on here, but my patient nature lets me plod on methodically into good things.

  4. Queen of Wands--This stands for the charming, firey natured, passionate, woman of action that I want to be. If I follow the trail of the last three cards, this is what I am likely to become.

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