Monday, November 01, 2004

Happy Halloween

Well, happy Halloween everybody. I was surfing around and came across something very apropos. A special spread for today, and a demo in interpreting it, by way of doing a reading on myself.

~The Halloween Spread~

Well, as they say, tonight is the night when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. And it seems as though the spirits have definitely had their say here.

  1. Two of Wands--what I see here is that I am a person with a lot of dreams and plans--I am a woman with a vision. Now, how this becomes tricking others is I sometimes spend too long in dreamland. Of course, the ultimate trick (wouldn't this be a surprise to my folks) is that I actually have the power to make those dreams a reality.

  2. The Hierophant--I am definitely a spiritual animal. This being my soul card, it has a lot of significance. I believe in what I would call an "Inner Teacher." This is what I think of when I get this card. I believe that the spiritual learning I have done so far and will continue to do gives me a certain amount of authority to feel confident about what I know. How this can become tricking myself is when I sometimes am stubborn, set in my ways, and behave like a Dubya who can't admit when they're wrong.

  3. The Devil--The way I can treat others better is by examining my motivations. Am I being selfish and greedy? Of course, I sort of like being selfish and greedy, but, oh well.

  4. Seven of Wands--This makes me want to break out into that old church chorus--"Be bold, be strong, for the Lord thy God is with thee..." Anyway, I can best serve myself by being bold and courageous and suffering the slings and arrows because by doing so I will push through to the place I really want to be in life.

  5. The Magician--Last night or the night before I was watching the Matrix again on tv, I've decided that this film is one of my favorites in recent history. What this card reminds me of here is that moment where they are watching Neo fight with Agent Smith on the monitors and one guy says, "What's he doing?" and I think it's Morpheus that says, "He's starting to believe." This card represents that moment when you have to accept the mantle of your Powerful Imagination. Choose to rely on your intuition, your skills, be confident in the power of your Will. Know that anything is possible, for this world that we walk around in is nothing but the construct of the human mind.
So I will end by paraphrasing Neo:

"My name isn't Mr.'s HERMGIRL!"


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