Monday, November 08, 2004

My Goat Worshipping Love Cultist name is Sister Chupacabra!.
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Sister Chupacabra!

Sister Chupacabra! It must be said with an exclamation!

This reminds me of a really old movie with Ringo Starr in it where he was like a member of the Mexican Mafia or something, and there were these Mexican dominatrix women and I can't remember the name of the movie for the life of me but it was one of those weird movies that they used to show on USA network's "Night Flight" which was on during a really weird/stupid period of my life where I used to stay up all night on the weekends watching the weirdest tv shows I could find and actually smoking oregano and taking eight exedrin in a pathetic attempt to get high...

You think you've blown out all those particular brain cells and then your memory bank serves up something like this.

Card of the day: Queen of Cups--Sister Chupacabra! is a woman of tremendous intuition, capable of great depths of emotion and love. My minions, you will bow down and worship Sister Chupacabra! (Eyes aflame with Anna Magnani-esque passion.)

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Insanvs said...

Hello, I had *NO* idea that this thing was still floating around in the www. Funny you should find it.

I too am a practictioner of Tarot for about 20+ years. Whee. :)

Sister Chupacabra! Hehe.



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