Monday, September 26, 2005

Just surfing around...

And came upon this.

The gal who does these is actually a good friend of mine--she's practically my cousin.

Anyway, those beads on her site? She actually makes them. Local celebrities, like one bay area news lady that I know of, buy her beads. She teaches classes all over the world. She studied glasswork under Dale Chihuly, who was named one of the top ten modern artists in Art for Dummies.

When we were kids she was always drawing and always had markers or pencils with her. Her eyes seemed to seek out color wherever she could find it. My mother has always been a very colorfully dressed woman and it was interesting watching her eyes dance over my mom's outfits.

In more recent times, I was able to see her workspace in the garage of her home, with all of her glass rods and her flamethrower and her gas masks--it seems like a very dangerous undertaking, but I'm sure she wouldn't be doing anything else with her life. I've looked at the way she has grown up into a very professional artist--one who is actually able to make a living (yes, Wirewoman, it can be done!) doing art.

It's something that has inspired me, when I think of writing, or illustrating or anything like that.

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