Saturday, September 24, 2005

Meme: Fifteen Fun Friendly Facts about Hermgirl

Be lookin' at your friendslist. Notice that friend [info]stonemirror
has tagged you for a meme on twenty random facts, which he has done a lovely, complete job on (no wonder he's a great captain of industry!)

Think about it for a while. Wind up with only fifteen, and then tag fifteen friends who seem like they don't have anything better to do <;P.

Blame The President.

  1. I sometimes feel like a woman without a country, I don't seem to fit into neat categorizations. You know, those things where some kind of "expert" says, "If you do a, you fit into this category, b, you belong to this category, c, this category," etc. I'm always going, "Yeah, but what about people like me?" Not that this makes me feel inferior in any way, on the contrary, it tells me that those kind of tests are bullshit.
  2. I am fairly antisocial. Not because I hate anyone, but because I am often very disappointed in people. Often, my radar goes off, and I have to drop people like a bad habit. I generally keep things to my family, a few family friends, and you wonderful online people. Even the people that I am friends with at work or whatever, I don't see very often, and I like to keep it that way.
  3. This is probably because I prefer books to people. I have not counted my books, but I probably have four or five thousand. All jammed into my little bedroom.
  4. On June 13th of next year (the same birthday as W.B. Yeats, I like to tell people,) I will be a REAL "Forty Year Old Virgin". I don't need a silly movie, I am living it, buddies! This is not because I am unattractive and can't get a man, but because I have made a commitment to celibacy. I would rather be alone than with the wrong person, and I also feel that my time and energy are better spent on other things. Also, I feel that magickwise, your sexual energy is a powerful thing that should be directed purposefully.
  5. Having said that, I am actually very pro-sex. I sometimes (make that, somewhat often) enjoy seeing good looking men get naked. I also enjoy what I like to call, "comic book porn", of the type done by artists from Heavy Metal magazine, such as Guido Crepax, whose version of de Sade's "Justine", and Réage's "Story of O" is on my shelves somewhere.
  6. I stay up into the wee hours way too often (this item written at 3:50 in the morning.) I attribute this to having had jobs where I had to work all manner of goofy hours. The clock workings have finally sprung into a mass of debris. But then you knew I was a little "off" didn't you, buddies?
  7. Like a lot of eccentric pack-rat types, I'm extremely messy.
  8. In my head, there really is a place called Hermworld, it's one of those sci-fi utopia/dystopia type places, like Dune or something. It was discovered by me with the help of an otherwise incompetent therapist I went to when I was 23. I remember a guided visualization thing he led me through, and there it was, real as the table I'm sitting at. I remember telling the therapist, "It looks like an old junk shop."
  9. I'm aware that this is kind of a narcissistic exercise, in which I share things that make me seem more interesting than I really am. To the contrary, I am actually kind of a boring person and I sort of like it that way. I enjoy the fact that I'm turning into a boring old fart. Because not getting older would be sort of a bummer.
  10. Having said that, Neil Young once said hi to me (and my brother-in-law has been to old Shakey's farm on a couple of occassions.)
  11. I once pissed off Todd Rungren during a show, and if enough people are interested, I will dig up the story from an old journal somewhere and post it here if I can find it.
  12. Once, when I was at a Counting Crows show(a group I've seen nine times), Adam Duritz (one of the great loves of my life--and I'll brook no comments from the peanut gallery) got so pissed off and told me (and nobody else--seriously!)to zip it. I had had a little too much to drink and was being disruptive.
  13. To round off my stories of brushes with rock star greatness, I was at a radio station seeing the great Alex Bennett perform radio magic. It was the asscrack of dawn, and in waltzes Art from Everclear. They were touring with an English band called Kulashaker, who also showed up. About a year later I was at a Kulashaker show and got to talk to Paul the drummer and told him, "Now, I hope you guys are gonna keep making those great records and keep coming over here and touring." He looked me straight in the eye and said, "Well, we'll do our best." Three weeks later, the group had broken up. You betrayed me, Paul Winterheart.
  14. I'm an extreme procrastinator.
  15. I also sometimes leave things unfinished, as in a list of twenty things that somehow turns into only fifteen.

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