Sunday, February 15, 2004

I support gay marriage.

Friday night was a party for the people across the street, it was the husband's 60th birthday, there was a belly dancer, lots of crazy fun ensued. I walk dogs for these people, but I am not very close to them. Their oldest daughter (my age) and I did not get along at all when we grew up, and though now we both seem to be able to communicate and be pleasant with one another (I was even showing her some of my crochet work, and she showed me some of hers), there is definately a sense that we have very different values and perspectives on life, and therefore must interact on only a mundane level. Anyway, I left early as I always do from their gatherings.

My nephew came over yesterday, and had been with us a full hour before any of us remembered it was Valentine's day. That's how much we care. It was nice to have his Leo sunshine here for awhile.

I also spent some time knitting. I am almost through with a scarf that has taken me about TWO YEARS. One of these days I will have a digital camera and be able to post my work.

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