Wednesday, February 18, 2004

The Law is for All

The Book of the Law is adamantly against the rule of mass man. We shall witness many disturbences in the years to come as their bad taste in social organization, religion and politics gradually increases and diminishes.--Israel Regardie, The Law is for All

So I had a lot of time on my hands and I've been reading my books. The more I read of Thelema, the more I am convinced I am on the right road. Being self-oriented is better, IMHO, than self-sacrifice or living for others. How can one make a real contribution to society unless one first deals with oneself? Living to please others can be a never-ending job. And then, so many different people with so many different ideas about what is important, what is urgent, what is needed right now, and what can wait. To comply with them all would be impossible, and who would want to? As we have seen with our current American president, some people have the most ridiculous ideas.

Current laws relative to homosexuality will have to be modified or repealed as they have already been in Great Britain.--Israel Regardie

I heard something interesting today. One of my gay brother's friends that we used to party with is one of the people that went up to San Francisco City Hall to get married. Today they only let fifty couples get married. I was hoping ther would be a constant influx of gays that wanted to get married. I hope they don't stop.

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