Sunday, September 12, 2004

So, What's Been Going on with Me, Then?

I haven't posted in a while because I was embarrassed.

That college philosophy class that I was so exited about fell through, due to my own failure to plan. I spent all day there, going for academic counseling, etc, only to have them tell me I didn't even need to do all of that re-matriculation stuff.

I was thinking how great it was that I would be taking a telecourse and I wouldn't have to go down to San Mateo all the time (San Mateo is sweltering most of the year.) I had stupidly assumed that since it was a telecourse I could just show up and register, no problem, right? Wrong.

The class had been full for five weeks. How does a distance learning class get full? I noticed there were only two or three of us that wanted to add, would it have been so hard to let us in? But enough whining.

It has also occurred to me, over the past couple of weeks, that while I have started this Tarot Blog Ring, I have precious little in the way of Tarot content on my own blog. I'm gonna attempt to remedy that right here and now. I am gonna start by posting a daily one-card reading--not so much a prediction, as a kind of snapshot of what's going on at the time.

This was a reading I did on the 23rd of last month, regarding school:

Knight of Swords/the Moon/the Emperor, reversed--the way I interpreted this was: going off half-cocked, self deception, ill dignified authority, no fathering, rootlessness, baselessness.
What I told myself was this: Get with the program, girl, any program!
The Emperor reversed/Father connection was fleshed out a few days later, when I was talking to my parents about going to college and he went "You're going back to SCHOOL?" I said yeah and he made a little harumphing noise. He's real supportive that way.
Basically the cards were telling me I was fooling myself if I thought I was gonna be successful without planning ahead. Sometimes the cards kick my ass.
Anywho, starting tomorrow I may have a new dog-walking client. I have a trial run with a Samoyed that lives across the street from the little schnauzer.
And our daily one-card reading says: Page of Swords, reversed. Well I just suck, that's all.

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