Thursday, September 16, 2004

When I was walking Sunny in the park today this teenage girl came down to me from the bleachers--there is a group of teenage kids I call the 420 Crew, because I know they are smoking the Chronic all over the place. I started this whole "acting like the class clown" thing with them, because before they really shot a lot of hostility at me, and it diffused it very quickly. I just wanted to be able to walk near my house without getting dissed. So I started walking by, rubbing my nose like it was running and yelling, "Lucius, where's my heroin?" Now they love me...I don't know which is worse.

So this girl comes down from the bleachers, and she's obviously high. She walks around looking all goofy and says "Ohmygod, I am so high, I am freaking out!" I asked her what she took, how much, etc. I kind of like joking with the kids, but I feel really guilty about it.

I sort of don't even really want to interact with them, but one of the problems I have is that I look like I am still a teenager. Most 38 year old women would see that as a great thing, sometimes it is not so great. When you look like one of them, they think you are, and they wonder why you're not hanging out with them, or whatever.

Enough about that. After I walked Eli, I was shutting him into the gated area on the side of his house, and he sort of motioned to me as if to say "Come see what I got back here!" (yeah, dogs talk to me telepathically, didn't you know that?) I followed him to the back yard, and his owners have not only a very nice pool, but an adjoining hot tub/wading pool thingy, which Eli promptly jumped into. It was funny just watching this big Husky walk around in a wading pool.

And the card of the day is: Judgement--is it time to wake up and smell the coffee? I mean that in a good way, so maybe there is an opportunity for something that I need to open up to. Hmmm...

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