Saturday, October 30, 2004

This entry was written yesterday, but it was so late, that I decided to wait til today to type it up.

After Curves yesterday I was getting a chicken sandwich at Jack in the Box, and I bumped into someone--someone I had been thinking about out of the blue last week, and I don't think I had even thought about him in years!

It was a guy I knew in fifth grade. He was almost nondescript, I could have easily not recognized him. I have met up again with a couple of people from back then, I almost never recognize them - but they always seem to recognize me. If I hadn't been thinking about him earlier last week, I probably wouldn't have thought to start looking at him.

Then we were both looking at each other from across the room. I moved up in line and I was near him.

"Is your name Martin?"
"Is your name Hermgirl?" (not really, but you know what I mean.)

I smiled and looked up at him, and asked him a question I had asked almost 30 years ago.

"Would you be interested in going steady?"

He laughed at this. Who knows what direction his life would have taken if he hadn't been impervious to my feminine wiles?

Anyways, this was an interesting bit of synchronicity. I had found a penny while I was walking one of the dogs yesterday, I always expect something interesting when that happens.

The Saturday Night Tarot Hoedown

(Not the kind of hoedown done by Ashley Simpson.)

Tonight I am curious about two things: My future as a Tarot reader, and my future in web design, so I will do a three card draw on each.

Drawing on my relationship with the Tarot:

King of Swords, Queen of Pentacles reversed, Strength.

I posess the intellectual ability to be very authoritative on the subject, although my downfall is materialism--the tendency to focus on things like collecting shiny new decks and books. The best path to take, my True Will in the situation, is to realize that this is part of the Great Work of self-transformation, and that it is best served by using the Tarot to go within to find my strength.

Drawing on my future in Web Design: the Lovers, Six of Pentacles reversed, Page of Cups reversed.

It is a great Gemini kind of communication device, but just like anything the Gemini gets their mitts on, it can be a bih time-waster. I don't have quite as much knowledge about it as I'd like to. And this last piece of interpretation I am deducting from the way the cards fell: Whenever you have, as I do here, a three card draw with two in a row either reversed or upright, this can tell you that "You will know more about the situation in the future."

So basically, (the Lovers) a good fun thing for a Gemini, (6 of Pentacles reversed) don't let it become a time-waster, (Page of Cups, reversed) you don't have too much knowledge about it yet, (2 reversed on right side) give it some time, you'll know more.

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