Sunday, January 30, 2005

So Thursday was the first meeting of the Intro to Philosophy class.

I know there are some of you out there that go to REAL college, and I envy you. There are some reasons why many people laugh about community colleges, and they were exemplified by some of the people in my class.

First I was in the bookstore, picking up my textbook, and some woman came up to me, the way many women before have come to me, in various vocational school classes and similar venues, they come to me wanting something, and having the feeling that I am someone with the ability,
if not the inclination, to help them out.

Of course it was a very small thing, no skin off my nose to answer the question, but it was what she did after that really frosted my ass. Again, what she DID wasn't huge either, but still...

She noticed that I was getting a text for the same class as her, and asked me what room the class was in. She knew where the building was, just not the room, she said. Thinking she might walk with me to the building, and thus save me having to check the map, I told her. I turned around to sign for my stuff, and when I turned back, she was gone. Like it would have killed her to wait another 10 seconds for someone who had helped her out.

"That's the last time I help her!" I thought. I have had a snootfull of what these kind of women do in schools. These goofy housewife type bitches will come wheedling and simpering and whimpering for you to help them with their papers with no regard for the fact you are busy working on yours. These kind of bitches really screwed my sister over when she was going to Notre Dame. I'm not that generous and will ignore anyone who doesn't take no for an answer (I've had to do so before, obviously I may have to again.)

No thanks to her, I found the building, got there a little early, and found about eighty percent of the class sitting in the dark. That's right folks, none of these future ontological pontificators had
the presence of mind to flip on the lightswitch. I did so, decrying, "Let there be light!" And there was light.

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