Thursday, January 20, 2005

I wrote this last night but couldn't post it because my comp was going floopy on me.

Writing this in my notebook as the Bart train careens towards Berkeley...

I had two eggs for breakfast this morning, fried in olive oil.
They were perfect, and when I plated them out, I noticed that the way
they had cooked rendered them into a natural Yin-Yang symbol.

I am getting back into the swing of things. You know how when you
are really sick for a couple of weeks, you'll get well, but you are
slightly off your game for another couple of weeks? That's the
way it works for me, anyway.

So I took this morning's breakfast as a sign. Getting back into
the swing of things, I'm a member of the First Church of Hermworld with
Fire and Signs Following.

More after my Pathworking class.

Resumed today, due to last night's technical difficulties.

Last night we traveled from Yesod to Hod.

Hod can be thought of as the Realm of Nerds. The guided
meditation took us to the Library of Alexandria (and as a book nerd,
the Library of Alexandria is a place I've often thought I would see
when I got to heaven) and references made to Socrates, Jesus, and Da
Vinci, among others.

In the Tarot, Hod corresponds to the four eights in the deck. Here is what Crowley has to say, in The Book of Thoth:

"Being in the same plane as the Sevens on the Tree of Life, but on the other side, the same inherent defects as are found in the Sevens will apply.

Yet one may perhaps urge this alleviation, that the Eights come as (in a sense) a remedy for the error of the Sevens (the Sevens having been described as pertaining to Venus, and to Earth, which weakens the energy of Venus.)

The mischief has been done; and there is now a reaction against it. On may, therefore, expect to find that, while there is no possibility of perfection in the cards of this number, thery are free
from such essential and original errors as in the Lower case."

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