Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Tuesday Morning Tarot Hoedown

Hello, fellow babies out there in the blogosphere, this entry is brought to you by the beverages: Red Bull and Coke. When you absolutely, postitively, have to get something done. The
Hoedown will return to Friday this week at it's regularly scheduled time.

The first item of business will be a review.

Divinatory Suite Software

I've tried other Tarot software and been slightly disappointed, but this gets a big thumbs up from me! Not that it's entirely without an iffy side--my Spybot Search & Destroy ping-ed
a few times while it was downloading, and if I didn't have Firefox I don't know what shape my browser would be in now, so this is probably not for people without good protection. That said, however, the features are worth the "price of admission"--which is "free to download and use forever!" which makes my cheap side very happy.

First you have access to three different decks and the standard Runes, 21 different Tarot spreads (including three different versions of the Celtic Cross.) You can manage the particulars of the spread: do you want to use only major arcana? Do you want to use card reversals?

The choices given make for a much more usable interface, and though I still had to get my own cards out and go over the reading like I always do with a computerized reading, I didn't feel as "removed" from the spread as I would have if I was using that Tarot software I paid ten bucks for at CompUSA.

But wait, there's more! There is also a diary function, where you can not only store the reading, but post your own thoughts. There is also a section where you can learn card meanings. But the feature that really sold me was the "Create a Spread" function. Here you are given space to
create layouts, and a place to type in the meanings of every postition. Also, you are given the option to share it with the Divinatory Suite community.

All in all, this gets the Hermgirl Seal of Approval.

And now, without further ado, I give you the latest spread I have developed, and a reading on myself to demonstrate its use.

~ The Soul Questions Spread ~

This is probably a good spread for beginners to use, since it has less than seven card positions (as always in my spreads, you can add an extra card on a position to elucidate.) It is quite heady, though, so be sure you want answers to these questions. Also, you will probably only want to do this spread occasionally, say once a month or so.

Just lay your cards out right to left.
  1. Your basic purpose in life--your True Will.

  2. What makes you unique?

  3. Where does your genius lie? Skills and Talents.

  4. Life challenges (and how to overcome them.)

  5. What you should know about current changes.

  6. Life developments: What will manifest for you if you continue on the path you are going down?
Since it has gotten very late, I will continue with the reading demo tomorrow.

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