Saturday, October 09, 2004

Early Saturday Morning Tarot Hoedown

In this episode, I have a special offering for you, a spread I made up.

The Joey Tribiani "How you doin'?" Spread

It consists of four cards, put 'em side by side, or in a square if you want, it matters not (but if you just put them in a row, you could add a card or two underneath each position to clarify the issue!)

Imagine these questions in a Joey Tribiani/Vinnie Barbarino voice--this is a very important part because it adds to the fun:
  1. What's goin' on? What's been going on in the past.

  2. Wheah you at? Where you are today.

  3. WhatCHOO lookin' at? The issues you are facing.

  4. Wheah you goin'? Probable outcome on the road you are traveling down--this is a changable thing, not a locked in destiny.
And my cards in this spread: 10 of Cups, 2 of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles, and 8 of Swords.

What I see here is that in the past there has been famial harmony, which is going to be transforming into something else. Where I am is that I am going to be learning an intricate balancing act of discipline--I am going to be keeping things together. What I am facing--once again my mom's issue is at the forefront and she is there in all her Capricornian glory. Probable outcome: I may find myself a little fearful about breaching the tension in the houshold in the coming weeks, but I will overcome by being bold.

The Pentacles represent the issue of me becoming more resposible materially--to be honest, I have relied on my mom for a lot, and this is going to be me learning to take care of things for myself a lot. Discipline, discipline, discipline...

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