Saturday, October 02, 2004

Some silly shit I posted at a Tarot group a few years ago

And with that opening (cut for me by the gracious founder), allow me to parry my sword through and introduce myself (Cyrano deBergerac-style bow.) I am Hermgirl,Queen of the Throne that lies between the Emerald Pillars. To translate my flowery parlance that means I am a worshipper at the "herm" of Dionysis (sp?),seeker of the knowlege that comes from experience. Jack of all trades, master of none. I am here to make new

I have been doing Tarot off and on for about 10 years now, & I take a sort of casual approach to the cards. I am not as conversant as I see many of you are in the pagan arts & sciences (i.e.--knowledge of Arthurian legend, phases of the moon, crystals, etc.), but I do hope to learn & hopefully share what knowlege as I may have with others. I have more of a consciousness bent than a wiccanism bent--but that is only because I have so much more to learn.

My card having
been drawn today (Queen of Swords), I wanted to pose a question to the
members: Do you use music when you read & if so, do you ever just listen to the radio? What popular music (if any) do you find most conducive?
Yesterday I was reading W/the radio on, & found some very interesting correspondences. My card of the day was Death, whilst Sting's
"Brand New Day" was in the background. Interesting. Then I did a spread :The Hanged Man, the Sun, the World(R).

This I interpreted this as the sacrifices I have been making in balancing school& work,my struggle for enlightenment amid such a hectic sched, & alas it hasn't been going as well as I want it to lately. I pull another card--the Moon.

Aha! I take the World & turn it rightside up. I move the four cards around as the Santana/Everlast song "Put Your Lights On" comes on. The juxtapositions of the sacrifice & the great reward, & the light & the darkness make a trippy vibes & the music all comes together for me creating the Tarot "high" that I need, until I say blessed are those who have walked in darkness, for they have seen a great light!

I realize I am being extremely long-winded here, but I was just wondering if other members had those kind of experiences with their cards? I thank everyone for enduring my verbosity, and I do hope I can contribute as I am contributed towards.

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